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On this website I will give you my own experiences with several horse betting systems available. I have purchased a lot of horse betting systems in the past. Some work and some were nothing more then scams. When I was searching for honest reviews about horse betting systems then I didn’t find any single website that was giving honest reviews and true life experiences by using so called various horse betting systems. Everyone was trying to make me click on their affiliate links. Then I purchased various horse betting systems myself and decided to paper trade. Then I found that some horse betting systems were just scams and some really worked.
Here I have written my own experiences and reviews about various horse betting systems that I have tried. I hope you will enjoy the information in this website.
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Below are the betting systems that I have tried. Since it takes time to write reviews and experiences with the systems so I will try to update this website whenever I get time..
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Easy Trader Pro

This horse racing betting system,as the name suggests, is based on trading. I think you already know what is trading. If no then do a search on google. Its simply laying and backing (or vice versa) the same horse in the same race. Very similar to those Playtech no deposit bonuses you alread know all too well.
Now if you know about trading then you already know about the concept of WOM i.e Weight Of Money.
Four or five years ago , it was easy to trade U.K races based on WOM alone because liquidity is low. But WOM concept still works very well in U.S and Australian races because in these markets the liquidity is still low.
Then whats the solution for trading in U.K races. And the solution is Easy Trader Pro Manual.
So after trying out some trading manual, Easy trader pro is the most promising and best. For example see Betfair King ( This system just tells you to trade on the basis of WOM alone which is very very difficult on U.K races now a days due to the insane amount of liquidity before the 15 or 5 minute before the race. Large amounts go and come in a fraction of second and people can get burned who trade on the basis of WOM alone. So this Betfair king system is really outdated. But easy trader pro takes a lot of other factors as well for trading. And this system also tells you how to trade Australian and U.S races and even greyhound races with videos.
One more thing is that you have to buy some trading software to trade because you have to be fast with trading which is very difficult on Betfair interface.
I definitely recommend this system if you are interested in trading the U.K races.